Good Harbour Laboratories


Good Harbour Labs (GHL) is a Canadian water treatment technology testing company.  We provide unbiased, independent test results to equipment manufacturers, end users and regulators.

How We Can Help You
Our specialty is testing stormwater and industrial/commercial wastewater treatment systems.   GHL is an accessible, cost effective way to obtain third party performance and/or verification data for your technology. Our staff will work with you to develop a testing plan that gives you the data you need for your market. Our experienced, professional staff and fully documented quality system ensure that you will get accurate, reliable results.
The environmental technology sector is growing rapidly. Naturally this leads to a crowed landscape with pressure on price.  At the same time, the industry is highly regulated and the cost of inadequate performance can lead to financial penalties, reduced sales and damage to your brand reputation.
Technology suppliers can distinguish themselves from the crowd and provide their clients with piece of mind by conducting third party tests to validate the performance of their equipment.
GHL also has several years of product development experience.  If your technology is not quite ready for market, we can help you identify the problem and suggest possible solutions.