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Grease interceptor performance testing




Grease Interceptor Performance Testing

For several years GHL has had a fully PDI/ASME/CSA compliant test platform for testing grease interceptor performance and we have a great deal of experience experience with running the test.  In fact, GHL was first audited back in 2011 and it was qualified by CSA for witnessed manufacturer’s testing for certification. Now in 2018 GHL has been accredited by the Plumbing and Drainage Institute (PDI) to conduct the PDI-G101 test. GHL is the first, and only, lab in Canada with this accreditation.

Our facility houses both a small and large sink so it can be used for testing interceptors rated from 10-100 gpm (0.6 to 6 L/s). Testing can be done with lard, in accordance with PDI-G101, ASME A112.14.13 and CSA B481.1 or with oil, in accordance with CSA B481.2.  GHL also has the capability to test to EN standards.

Clients have long relied on GHL’s facilities and expertise to determine if their interceptors would pass a full certification test according to the protocol. GHL offers an accelerated test that allows for evaluation of a unit in a cost effective manner.  Clients are also able to conduct “non-protocol” tests with higher or lower than normal flows, with or without solids and with oil instead of lard.  This data can then be used for development or marketing purposes.

GHL has always been a full service lab that allows clients to be confident in their product’s performance.  Now clients can complete the entire process with GHL, from initial testing though to certification.

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