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Independent Observer for NJDEP

Independent Observer for NJDEP

Independent Observer for NJDEP

Client: AquaShield

Background: AquaShielda stormwater treatment solutions company, wanted to conduct performance testing of their AquaSwirl hydrodynamic separator (HDS) in their own lab for the purpose of getting NJDEP approved. Since GHL has considerable experience with the NJDEP protocol, AquaShield requested GHL to be an independent observer for the test.  AquaShield also requested assistance with writing the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for the testing and with blending sediment to the correct specification.

Problem: AquaShield faced many challenges in getting their test lab up and running, including:

  • Obtaining sediment that met the NJDEP protocol requirements
  • Maintaining a steady sediment feed rate
  • Controlling background sediment concentration
  • Managing water temperature  

Solution: GHL’s experience in overcoming all of these challenges at their own facility allowed them to help AquaShield get their lab functioning on spec faster than they would have on their own.  In addition, GHL assisted with writing a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) and addressing any concerns that NJCAT had. Since GHL has submitted numerous QAPP’s already they have a standard format and information content that NJCAT has seen and approved before. This allowed for a quick approval of the QAPP.

Result: Thanks to GHL’s knowledge of the testing procedure and data management and reporting, AquaShield was able to pass the public comment period with no objections.

“Dr. Williams served as our independent observer for laboratory testing of a full scale Aqua-Swirl™ Model AS-3 according to the NJDEP January 2013 protocol for hydrodynamic separators (oil-grit separators). Instead of just looking over our shoulders, he actively contributed to the methodologies, data analysis and reporting to ensure not only a high level of test integrity, but also the accuracy of the data and its presentation. We remain grateful to Greg in order for the Aqua-Swirl to achieve our goals of both NJCAT Verification and NJDEP Certification.” – AquaShield