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Other Technologies

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Other Technologies

Good Harbour Laboratories (GHL) provides credible performance data for manufacturer’s technologies.  This data differentiates a technology from competitors that make unsubstantiated claims or claims that are only verified by the competitor themselves.  The data also helps end users understand the technology and how it can solve their problem, thus speeding adoption.

If desired, GHL can test to the requirements of verification or certification organization such as the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program or the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  This provides increased product visibility and allows entry into markets that require some kind of verification/certification.  This level of testing also provides reassurance to third parties that may be evaluating a technology, whether they be permitters or regulators considering purchasing the product or financiers considering purchasing shares in the company.

Other technologies GHL specializes in:lab-test

  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Grey water treatment systems
  • Water softeners
  • pH neutralization systems
  • Water filters, industrial, commercial, residential
  • Colour removal systems

Stormwater Treatment Device Testing

Grease Interceptor Performance Testing

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