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Testing a Product For Nickel (Ni) Coating

Testing a Product For Nickel (Ni) Coating

Testing a Product For Nickel (Ni) Coating

Client: IMAX

Background: IMAX came to GHL to test a product from their supplier. They were experiencing bleeding on tapped holes in metal plates and wanted to find out if there were defects in the nickel (Ni) coating.

Challenge: This was something outside of GHL’s usual storm water, wastewater and grease interceptor testing services. However, GHL has facilities and experienced staff that can handle different types of tests.

Solution: GHL’s solution involved both an electrolytic and chemical test; one test identified the presence of Fe and the other the presence of Ni. This made it possible to determine if there was a coating present and, if so whether it contained Ni or not. A test sample coated with 2% Ni was used as a control.

Results: The results showed that there was presence of Fe and not Ni in some parts which clearly indicated alloyed defect in the coating. Other parts indicated a coating but it was either very thin or not pure Ni.

The client was satisfied with the conclusion that GHL provided.

GHL was able to find a suitable method, outsource the materials needed, installed the test setup and conducted the test within the time frame expected by the client.